JCoSD Presents: Community Organizing

A Mini-Retreat with an Expert

dt.common.streams.StreamServerGreg Galuzzo is the community organizer who trained and mentored a young Barack Obama in the art of community organizing back in his early days in Chicago. He and his wife, Mary Gonzalez, also one of President Obama’s early mentors, directed an organization called Gamaliel, which trains and advises community organizers all around the country, with a special focus on Chicago, Oakland, and San Diego.

Greg and Mary have graciously agreed to advise us on our journey of creating a new type of Jewish community, and are looking forward to beginning this journey with us the evening of Thursday, October 30th, at JCoSD Headquarters. Greg will join us that night, and facilitate an in-depth exploration of the theories and practices of community organizers in their work. Together we will learn about community organizing, and then put the learning to practice!
WHEN?  Thursday, October 30th from 6:00 P.M – 9:00 P.M
WHERE? JCo Headquarters (RSVP for address)
We will order pizza and salad for everyone so please RSVP here: Community Organizing


Showcase Salon – Show Off Your Talents!

Sept 8 2014 035Back by popular demand for an encore presentation is another one of our Sensational Showcase Salons!  For those of you who missed our first one and are wondering what in the world could that be?  Think of an Adult Show & Tell and a Talent Show combined.  We all come together, sitting in an intimate circle to share our passions with one another.  Last time we found out such fun details about what goes on behind our smiling faces.  And doesn’t everyone deserve a chance to be showcased?
This time around we will be limiting it to 12 “presenters” and sticking with a 5-7 minute time frame per person so everyone gets a chance.  Remember, JCo is intrigued by anything and everything! The sky is the limit. But if you play an instrument, paint, sculpt, write, sing, dance, cook/bake, juggle, perform magic or comedy, crochet, craft, woodwork, tell jokes, or have an invention, product, or business idea you want our opinion/feedback on, this night is for you!  If you like to observe enthusiastic people, this night is also for you!
When?  Thursday, Nov 6th  7:00 P.M  - 9:00 P.M
Where?  JCo Headquarters (RSVP for address)
Why?  Because we are an Amazing Group and have collaborative spirit!
Who?  All members and their guests 13 and up are welcome
How?  We’ll explain. It’s easy and fun!
Bring? Your passion and optionally, a dessert to share.
Hope to have all of you join me in many rounds of deserving applause!
-Stephanie Lewis
To RSVP as a talent or observer click here: Showcase Salon

The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning

Join the great Jewish conversation

…and embark on a fascinating 27-week journey as you explore classic Jewish sources, investigate issues of Jewish thought, practice and ethics, and advance your knowledge of Jewish history.
Melton is: stimulating, informative, inspiring.
Melton has: no tests, no homework, no grades.

The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning, a project of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is an innovative concept for Jewish learners from all backgrounds, aimed at enabling Jewish adults to learn seriously about our heritage and culture in a challenging and inspiring course of study.
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