Showcase Salon – Show Off Your Talents!

Sept 8 2014 035Back by popular demand for an encore presentation is another one of our Sensational Showcase Salons!  For those of you who missed our first one and are wondering what in the world could that be?  Think of an Adult Show & Tell and a Talent Show combined.  We all come together, sitting in an intimate circle to share our passions with one another.  Last time we found out such fun details about what goes on behind our smiling faces.  And doesn’t everyone deserve a chance to be showcased?
This time around we will be limiting it to 12 “presenters” and sticking with a 5-7 minute time frame per person so everyone gets a chance.  Remember, JCo is intrigued by anything and everything! The sky is the limit. But if you play an instrument, paint, sculpt, write, sing, dance, cook/bake, juggle, perform magic or comedy, crochet, craft, woodwork, tell jokes, or have an invention, product, or business idea you want our opinion/feedback on, this night is for you!  If you like to observe enthusiastic people, this night is also for you!
When?  Thursday, Nov 6th  7:00 P.M  - 9:00 P.M
Where?  JCo Headquarters (RSVP for address)
Why?  Because we are an Amazing Group and have collaborative spirit!
Who?  All members and their guests 13 and up are welcome
How?  We’ll explain. It’s easy and fun!
Bring? Your passion and optionally, a dessert to share.
Hope to have all of you join me in many rounds of deserving applause!
-Stephanie Lewis
To RSVP as a talent or observer click here: Showcase Salon