The Jewish Collaborative of San Diego

Who Are We?
by co-founder Rabbi Josh Burrows

We make a communal effort towards spiritual fulfillment.
          JCoSD is a cooperative-inspired synagogue community.  We are multi-generational, highly democratic, and participatory.  We are constantly defining and redefining who we are. We do this with tolerance, dedication to inquiry and humanity, and via each member’s unique connection to Judaism. This falls under the Jewish movement called “post-denominational”. All services, events, educational programs, religious schools, and clergy services are FREE to members.

We are a community of people with intertwined fates and interests.
          We are a group of people with our futures intertwined. We develop deep human connections that lead to an empowered community.  We strive to have a community which is an extension of family. We take the time to get to know each other. We help members find their place and purpose in our community. Each of us is an agent of change. Together we create opportunities for learning, support, togetherness, fun, social action, and personal and spiritual fulfillment, using Judaism as an anchor and guide. To every idea, we say “Yes!” and then work on making it real.

We have an empowering communal design.
Our community is formed as a set of concentric circles. At the center, we have our most pro-active community organizers such as our clergy and board members. Next come our collaborators, such as Cohort initiators, Task Force leaders, and Education coordinators, who contribute their talents and passion to whatever lights their fire. Ideally the collaborators are our largest group! Our amazing members come next, attending and supporting our programs. Our outside circle is filled by our dear guests and organizational affiliates, whom we welcome with open arms to any and all of our many events, services, and education programs. Our calendar has additional information.

There are no problems, only challenges. There are no complaints, only projects.
          We welcome everyone curious about contributing to our community to attend events, be you a member or not yet one.  See our “About Us” menu for detailed information on our missioncommunity, clergy, and board. You might like to read News articles and download our brochure . Feel free to reach out directly to Rabbi Josh Burrows at or Cantor/Rabbi Gabi Arad at, or either at (760) 707-7111. They would truly love to speak with you.

JCoSD Brochure

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