Cohorts are our heart. They are usually defined as “a group of people banded together” or “a group of people with a common characteristic.” You do not need to be a member to participate although we would greatly appreciate a membership contribution.  In JCo’s case, cohorts are individuals who have come together as Jews with common passions and talents and enjoy each others’ company.

Each cohort is a brainchild of our members.  We aim to connect individuals who share common interests and want to establish relationships with others. Cohort members create memories and experiences thereby creating a community that enjoys being Jewish together while being productive.

Our Cohorts run events, meet up socially, lead Shabbats, create experiences (such as hikes) or make things such as a tallit or a mezuzah (link to photos of mezuzah workshop).

We hope to provide lots of different activities to choose from, at least one for every person, soon to take place in our new buildings.  

  • Visual Arts Cohort  – Eva-Lynn Diesenhaus, leader with collaboration of project-oriented cohorts
  1. Sewing Your Tallit – Ilona Szer
  2. Cooking (food) Cohort – Susan Locker & Bev Auerbach
  3. Music – Marcia Fishman
  4. Salon Night  – Stephanie Lewis
  5. Chai Lights Publication – Stephanie Lewis
  6. Storytelling – Nina Fishman
  • Book Club – Susan Locker & David Berke, co-leaders
  • Games – Jeff Ross, leader
  • Scholar in Residence – Nina Fishman, leader