Hebrew Lab

Individualized Learning for Kids, Teens & Adults

The Hebrew Lab is a favorite program for our families with kids ages kindergarten through 8th grade. (Younger siblings are welcome, and more and more adults are coming on their own as well!)  We are committed to guiding each individual on their own journey, which is why each student works at his or her own pace. The program is individualized, so all levels are welcome. Eventual divergence between conversational and Biblical Hebrew is likely to occur (especially for 6-8 graders preparing for B’nai Mitzvah). It is recommended that one caring adult attend per child; however, JCo runs as a Co-Op, so we can help each other with childcare when necessary. Many of our young people also attend programs below.

Our recommendation is that every individual come for an average of one hour a week.  The beauty of the Hebrew lab is that you are not committed to the same day every week and if you miss a week, you can always come for two hours the week after. YOU get to decide what works for you and your family.

SCHOOL-YEAR SCHEDULE (Open drop-in sessions)

  • Mondays 4 – 5 PM (open to all) or 5 – 6 PM (open ONLY to 6th – 8th*)
  • Wednesdays 4 – 6 PM (open to all)
  • Thursdays 4 – 6 PM (open to all)
    *6th – 8th graders are welcome to come any time during the week as well.

Family Hebrew Lab is included in membership.

For non-member families, the fee is $250 per child per semester. If you want to give Hebrew Lab a try, the first class is free.

For more information, please e-mail Rabbi/Cantor Gabi at cantorgabiarad@gmail.com