We warmly welcome you to join us.
We invite you to be part of something fresh and strong.
Join JCoSD: Sing your song!

Formed in June 2014, JCoSD is a thriving Jewish community.  We warmly welcome members and non-members to all events, programs, education, activities, and services. Our High Holiday services are free for members and their guests, and they are also free for non-members whenever space is available .

Once you have joined JCo, all events, programs, education, activities, and services are included with membership. This includes all life-cycle events provided by the Rabbi and Rabbi/Cantor.

Our current membership donations pay Rabbi Josh’s and Rabbi/Cantor Gabi’s salaries, the lease of our space, insurance, and other essentials. To cover those costs, we ask our members to please consider donating one of the following: 1) up to 1% of their annual income; 2) $1000 per year for individuals; 3) $1500 per year for families; 4) sponsorship of another family; 5) something specific that works for your situation.

That said, we never want financial concerns to prevent you from joining.  We each contribute what we can of our time, energy, skills, and leadership to make our community blossom. To talk about any donation-related concerns, please speak directly to Rabbi Josh or Rabbi/Cantor Gabi at (760) 707-7111. They and the confidential Finance Committee are the only people who know what members pay.

Members receive many special benefits:

~Having a real voice! Members decide our services, special events, Cohorts, and Educational offerings. They may create Cohorts, publications, and events. They volunteer time and energy to help set up, greet, break down, and bring food. They attend family programs and youth education with their children. They may attend Board meetings, vote on key issues, and join the task forces and committees that shape our community.

~Diverse programs, events, activities, services, and High Holidays.

~Free and creative education and youth-group programming for children.

~Rabbinical and Cantorial access for all life-cycle events, for example (but not limited to): naming/bris, bar/bat mitzvah, marriage/wedding, funeral/shiva, conversion, special blessing, etc.

~Solid relationships with the Clergy. Our rabbis want to get to know you! As part of the membership process, they invite you to an informal yet in-depth one-on-one conversation. These conversations help them get to know your unique story, so that they can help you figure out what you’re inspired to do at JCoSD.

If you have any questions about one-on-ones, please ask any JCoSD member about their own experience, or reach out to Rabbi Gabi (

~Saved time and money via JCoSD’s affiliation with dock 3 At Your Service, a national online discount center for every category imaginable, from auto purchases to restaurants and gift cards. Simply click AtYourService to access your complementary membership.

How to Join:

1. Schedule your one-on-one. Contact Rabbi JoshRabbi/Cantor Gabi or either of them at (760) 707-7111.  Note: The actual conversation can occur anytime during the process; it’s just important to get on the calendar.
2. Complete the JCoSD New Member Form.
3. Make your first/annual membership dues donation payment, or make arrangements with Gabi.
4. Receive notification that you are now part of JCo!