Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Cohort encompasses many different Jewish Arts and mini-cohorts, such as Sewing, Cooking, Music, Salon Night, and more.  Led by Eva-Lynn, the individual groups that form this Cohort meet as they like to bond over their various projects.  Each “Jewish Art” attracts different members and non-members.

The Sewing cohort is preparing for the Tallit Workshop prior to the R/S 2017.  Everyone is welcome to either make a tallit of their own or one for their child.  We have the fabrics, the expertise and the interest.  There will be a nominal charge. The activity after that will be to make professional looking cards with Eva-Lynn, our talented artist in residence.  

Our mezuzah workshop was so popular in 2016 that we will be bringing it back sometime soon.  

The Cooking (Food) cohort, led by Bev Auerbach and Susan Locker, has made award-winning hamentashen for Passover (the Crown was passed after the reading of the Megillah), baked delicious scones and such for our High Tea and Anniversary Parties, and has overseen the culinary aspects of various Events.  The Food cohort is looking for young people who are interested in learning about Jewish cuisine.

The Music cohort, under the direction of Marcia Fisher with close collaboration with our Rabbi (who is also a Cantor), has been rehearsing at Milt and Betty’s home until now. With the opening of our BaBayit (Home), the Music cohort will meet on Saturdays after morning services and use the services to introduce new music.  

Salon Nights, under the leadership of Stephanie Lewis, have been a feature of JCo since our conception.  Our members have displayed their art, started their culinary business, showcased their singing talents, read their poetry and prose, and shared their theatre roles. Our young people have shared their art and vocal talents.  

Stephanie Lewis also produces the Chai Lights magazine.  We invite our members to share their stories and advertise their businesses there.