Junior Chai

Junior Chai for Grades 6-8:

The Path to Bar and Bat Mitzvah


Our Junior Chai program is one of our longest-standing programs. Students in 6th-8th grades meet together in a relaxed atmosphere where they individually work towards their Bar and Bat Mitzvah. Not every Bar/Bat Mitzvah service looks the same, so neither will their journey. After their Bar or Bat Mitzvah, students integrate into the JCo community through their talents, passions, and interests. Junior Chai is not only a class, participants also plan programs and events for the middle-school community and for all of JCo.

Within Junior Chai, each Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program is completely individualized.  We work with each family to make it the experience that they want it to be.  Some students choose to lead the entire service while others decide to focus on a project that they present at their service. Some students do speeches, and others present their Torah portion in other ways.  In addition, each service is held at the venue of the family’s choosing.

This article from L’Chaim San Diego Magazine, November 2015 nicely captures what we do.


Membership includes Junior Chai.

Membership is required for all families enrolled in our Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Junior Chai Program.

For more information, please contact Rabbi/Cantor Gabi Arad at cantorgabiarad@gmail.com.