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Security & Safety

All of us at JCo believe the safety and security of all who enter our building is paramount. To that end JCo has a multi layered security protocol in place. We regularly coordinate with multiple agencies such as The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), The Anti Defamation League (ADL) and our local First Responders, The Carlsbad Police and Fire Departments. This is to ensure we are up to date on the latest information, recommendations, training techniques and action plans to assure the safety of our community.


In addition to our security procedures and protocols we offer regular training to all of our members on Emergency Preparedness. This training covers emergency events, procedures and protocols, from simple injury to active shooter training. We highly recommend and encourage all members to attend at least 1 training session.


Finally as a Collaborative we ALL must be part of the safety and security at JCo. We encourage SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING! Having all of us be part of our safety is a force multiplier that can not be understated. When we work together as a collaborative to preserve our safety, we are exponentially stronger.


If you have specific security or safety concerns please contact and we will reach out to you directly.

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